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Официјално лого на ЈЗУ Клиничка болница Тетово



Department of infectology

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The Department of Infectious Diseases within the Tetovo Clinical Hospital operates with an outpatient clinic and an inpatient unit where hospitalized patients are treated.
Patients are referred to outpatient examinations by family doctors or they come on their own initiative if family doctors are not available.
The purpose of outpatient and ambulatory examinations is diagnosis and therapy of acute or chronic infectious diseases. Regarding the cause of the health problem, these are diseases of different etiologies, viral, bacterial, parasitic, etc. and in relation to which of the systems is affected, diseases are treated by the CNS, most often meningitis, meningoencephalitis, by the respiratory system lower and upper respiratory infections, by the GIS intoxications, diarrhea, parasitic intestinal infections, zoonoses, urinary infections, patients with acute or chronic viral hepatitis.
In the last three years, patients with an infection caused by SARS-COV 2 have been examined and treated in the infectious department. All patients with a mild and moderately severe clinical picture are treated at home with regularly scheduled controls, and those with a severe clinical picture are hospitalized in the infectious department for follow-up and further treatment.


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