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Официјално лого на ЈЗУ Клиничка болница Тетово



Department of psychiatry

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O.E. Psychiatry at J.Z.U. Clinical Hospital Tetovo operates with a Department that has three hospital rooms, one male with 6 beds, one female room with three beds and a day hospital room with two beds for inpatient treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders. There is an outpatient clinic for Psychiatry that works according to My Appointment type and an outpatient clinic for Psychologists.

As part of O.E. Psychiatry, two centers also operate: a Day Hospital-type Mental Health Center with about 170 patients per month and a Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Abuse, which is a regional center for the Municipality of Gostivar and the Municipality of Kicevo, which are treat by type of day hospital with 100 patients per month.

OE Psychiatry employs four specialists in Psychiatry, one doctor specializing in Psychiatry, 8 psychologists, one psychologist specializing in Medical Psychology, 14 nurses, 4 paramedics and 2 hygienists.


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