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Официјално лого на ЈЗУ Клиничка болница Тетово



Department of radiodiagnostics

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In our Clinical Hospital, the radiodiagnostics department uses the following devices:

  1. Classic digital X-ray device that records all degenerative diseases, lung, abdomen, urinary tract, all traumatic and emergency patients. This device works 24 hours including Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Computed tomograph on which all scans of the brain, thorax, abdomen, urinary tract, and limbs are performed. Depending on the need, contrast agents are also used. This machine is open 24 hours a day, Saturday and Sunday only for emergency brain scans.
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging working on: brain, spine and knee. If necessary, contrast agents are also used.
  4. Breast Echo works exclusively for breast examination of patients of all age groups.
  5. A mammogram on which breast imaging of patients older than 40 years is performed.

The period between two recordings is recommended for the age of the patient to be no less than 2 years. Breast screening is also performed on this device because our Clinical Center is included in the program for early detection of breast cancer.


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