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Официјално лого на ЈЗУ Клиничка болница Тетово



Hospital pharmacy

All Departments

Hospital pharmacy as the main department within PHI Clinical Hospital procures, stores, keeps and distributes to other departments medicines and medical consumables. The hospital pharmacy participates in the creation of the assortment of medicines in the tender procedures as well as proposals for new specific medicines, manages the consumption of all departments and creates electronically all the requirements and records all the invoices in the bookkeeping upon receipt, having visibility at every moment that is due according to the contracts for procurement, as well as various donations and gratuities given by

pharmaceutical companies or wholesalers. The hospital pharmacy has a wide range of medicines, some of which are on the positive list and some of which are not on the positive list, it has a stock of medical consumables, bandages, disinfectants. Laboratory consumables. The hospital pharmacy carries out all purchases for the necessary new methods and health services in the hospital, such as osteosynthetic material, stents for urgent cardiology, x-ray films and reagents and other specific materials if a new specialist and subspecialist is formed.

health service with new methods and new equipment in the hospital. The hospital pharmacy collects all reported data from the departments if there is any in relation to adverse reactions

drugs in hospital patients and informs MALMED, also informs all departments if there is feedback from the Ministry of Health or from MALMED regarding the withdrawal of a drug or any information related to drugs to inform all doctors and medical personnel employed in the hospital .


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